Bryan, check it out–chicken wire and low-tech ventilation ideas.

Throwback at Trapper Creek

Adding a greenhouse to the garden mix requires a little more management than a regular garden.  Our greenhouses are unheated, so the nighttime temperatures are about the same as outside.  So that means covering tender starts or providing a little bottom heat in addition to the covers on these frosty nights.  That’s pretty easy peasy.  Keeping the plants cool enough is more of a chore on most days.  Cloudy days are not a problem, but days like yesterday when the mercury reached 70°F outside, quickly become worrisome to baby plants, and cool weather crops we have planted for our inside garden.

We solved a lot of the heating problems by orienting our greenhouses on a north/south axis instead of east/west.  I’m growing plants in these houses during the growing season, so I want as much sun as I can get and not oppressive heat.  Winter heat collection is not what…

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